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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

“Emotional Healing”

Pheralyn Dove presenting the first draft of “Sacred Soul Sister” at the Clef Club in Philadelphia. April 16, 2015

Here I am. standing
on the shoulders of elders,
presenting my gifts.

 Ready to break some of those emotional chains that are dragging you down? Want to experience a major transformation? Join me for my “Emotional Healing Through Writing”workshop on Saturday, May 23, 3 p.m., Temple University Ritter Hall, 13th and Cecil B. Moore Ave., Philadelphia, PA  19122.  Free Admission. Presented by Art Sanctuary for the “Celebration of Black Writing Festival.” 

Be yourself. Accept  yourself. Love yourself. Silence your inner critic. Ignore the petty, gossiping liar. Don’t give the naysayers the time of day. Connect with beautiful you. It all starts with accepting yourself. Self acceptance is divine. Once you can look in the mirror and not cringe, once you can see yourself as God’s beautiful, divine creation, you are well on your way to emotional healing.

But how do you get there? One of the most powerful methods for healing that I can attest to is writing. This Saturday, I am presenting my “Emotional Healing Through Writing” workshop at the 31st Annual Celebration of Black Writing Festival. Come on out and join me if you’re in the Philadelphia area. Or, stay tuned for news about my upcoming online workshops designed to help you achieve major breakthroughs. 

The photograph above shows me doing a reading of my newest spoken word play, “Sacred Soul Sister:  Lady Dove’s Tribute to Trudy Pitts.” When it’s finished, it will be a full blown multimedia production. However just getting the first draft down on paper and presenting it to the public was a powerful healing process for me. The play is about my dear friend, Trudy Pitts, a talented pianist who passed away from pancreatic cancer back in 2010. I have held on to my grief about losing my girlfriend and confidant, not quite knowing what to do with my pain (other than just feel sad.)  Then, in a moment of peace and quiet, I received the inspiration to write this play that will help to perpetuate Trudy's legacy. And this has been so healing for me. 

Now I am not saying you should write a play to fix what's hurting you. But I am saying that you can try keeping a private journal. You may also want to work directly with me. I can guide you through a series of writing prompts that will help you gain access to a better feeling about your circumstances. Trust me. And if you so desire, allow me to help you. 
Please join me on this journey.

Asante Sana.
Thank you very much. Peace, Love and Blessings Always

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

“Unlock Mysteries”

Pheralyn Dove Image
Pay close attention
to your intuition and
unlock mysteries.

Pheralyn Dove Image

Always trust your powerful first intuition. Think about how Spring unveils the mysteries of Winter. Meditate on all the beautiful blooms that were frozen in darkness  just a few short months ago. Your divine, sacred intuition holds the flowers in your life that are preparing to come out of darkness and blossom.  Go in peace and embrace the journey.
Pheralyn Dove Image
Pheralyn Dove Image

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"What An Awesome Life"

"Pure Joy" Pheralyn Dove Image
Divine Golden Dreams
Manifest Into Joyful

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

“Poetry In My Blood”

Lady Dove @ 2015 Jazz Appreciation Month Ceremony, Philadelphia City Hall
Poetry seeps through
My blood, speaks through me and gives
Voice to my yearnings.

Lady Dove Recites in Philadelphia April 15th, April 16th, April 26th

Since my days in grammar school, poetry has been a source of solace, a comfort, a connector, a friend and a form of expression that helps me get to the true essence of who I am. And while I am not a musician, I feel the same way about jazz. Often, I am able to combine these loves by reciting with live improvisational musicians. So it is only fitting that April is Jazz Appreciation month as well as National Poetry Month. 

Tonight (April 15th), 7 p.m. – 9 p.m., I am reciting at Moonstone’s “Word Up” Series, hosted by Aziza, along with Lamont “Napalm” Dixon, at Fergie’s Pub, 1214 Sansom Street. Open Mic. Free Admission.
Lady Dove in the flow @  Sun Ra Mixtape Recording Session

Thursday, April 16th, I am reading the first draft of my spoken word play, “Sacred Soul Sister:  Lady Dove’s Tribute to Trudy Pitts.” This is a memorial to the phenomenal pianist, Trudy Pitts. The awesome V. Shayne Frederick will accompany me on piano. Clef Club, Broad and Fitzwater Streets.  Free Admission.

Sunday, April 26th, I am participating in Moonstone’s 19th Annual Poetry Ink, where 100 poets will be reading during a full day of poetry, refreshments, conversation, camaraderie and more poetry. Noon- 6 p.m., Brandywine Workshop, 728 S. Broad Street. Free Admission.


Pheralyn Dove Image
Glorious days of
Spring put me in a thankful
State of Renewal.
Pheralyn Dove Image

Pheralyn Dove Image

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


"Pink Sunrise @ Overbrook" is one of the photos that appeared in my exhibit, "The Art of Nature"
I am grateful for
The loves in my life and the
Passions that drive me.

Monday, March 30, 2015

“Sacred Blessings”

"Sacred Sunset Blesses the Day" Pheralyn Dove Image
I learn new lessons
each and every day, on this
journey we call life.

I woke up this morning. I am blessed. I have my health and strength.  I am blessed.  I am connected to family and friends. I am blessed. I said my prayers for healing and redemption.  I am blessed. I paid a few bills today.  I am blessed. I took a walk today.  I am blessed. I engaged in my craft of writing today.  I am blessed.  I learned something new today.  I am blessed. I open my heart to love and forgiveness.  I am blessed. I am blessed.  I am blessed.  I am blessed. I trust and pray you are blessed too. Asante Sana. Peace & Blessings Always.